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Success starts with a beautiful smile! Set off on the right foot with affordable private orthodontic treatments from Bright Orthodontics!

We offer affordable, convenient orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. With no waiting list and immediate treatment, you can start right away!


Metal braces aren't the only option

Rather than just fixed metal braces we offer private patients a wide range of discreet options, including ceramic (tooth-coloured) braces as well as Invisalign (clear aligners).

Fast treatment - No Waiting List

There’s no need to wait for years to start brace treatment. We can start whenever you are ready.

Get Early Intervention

With quick / fast access to treatment, potential concerns can be identified and treated on time.

Fix Wide Range of Issues

Fully comprehensive orthodontic solutions. We treat simple through complex cases and can provide all solutions to improve your child/teens smile.


Our team has a wealth of experience in children’s orthodontics. Enjoy a full year of high-quality supervised follow-up service once braces have been removed.

Flexible Appointment Times & affordable 0% finance

Reduce the number of visits away from school and pay with affordable monthly payments (0% APR available).

Children’s Orthodontics

We see a whole host of indicators that your teen feels unhappy with their smile. These include covering their mouth when they talk or smile; shying away from photos being taken; stopping smiling; and low self-esteem and confidence.

You can help them, by bringing them to our practice.

Take control of your child’s dental health by requesting a free virtual consultation today (only for private treatments) with our treatment coordinator or full clinical assessment with our specialist orthodontist at a reduced fee.

Benefits of private treatment

  • No waiting to start treatment
  • Flexible payment options
  • FREE virtual consultation with Treatment Coordinator
  • Low-cost full clinical assessment with Orthodontist
  • 3D simulation of your smile
  • Immediate treatment starts
  • Convenient appointment times

Metal Braces

Affordable and effective

We can use classic metal braces to correct complex issues, just as we do with ceramic braces. There is only one distinction between them: the material. In this case, metal brackets are more economical (less expensive) than ceramic.

Ceramic Braces

Discreet and effective

These are fitted to the front of the teeth like traditional braces, but with clear and tooth-coloured brackets. These are much more discreet than metal braces without compromising on treatment.

Clear Aligners

Invisible & Effective

Besides being nearly invisible, Invisalign aligners can also be removed at any time. This means your teen can continue to eat their favourite foods or even remove the aligners for special occasions. Reduced visits to the orthodontist with clear aligners.

Get your child / teen started on their treatment journey with a monthly payment plan.

The cost for braces for children varies according to their degree of complexity, but most cases can be as low as £1950. We also offer 0% interest payment options.

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