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You’re nearly there!

Your review appointment

Orthodontic treatment is carefully planned to commence at the time that is optimal for you and your circumstances

You’re here because you’ve had an assessment and you will likely benefit from orthodontic treatment but you’re not quite ready.

This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • You/your child has ‘baby teeth’ that are still in situ
  • You /your child has adult teeth that are unerupted (haven’t yet come through)
  • We need to monitor the eruption of your/your child’s canine teeth
  • You/your child may require treatment from your dentist before we can begin
  • We may need to wait for your growth to complete before starting treatment
  • We may want to delay treatment start so that it can be done when you are going through a growth spurt

We will reassess IOTN at the review appointment and check if you qualify for treatment and book your appointment accordingly.

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