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Free Consultation

At Bright Orthodontics, we welcome you to book a complimentary orthodontic consultation.

Either book a Face-To-Face Consultation at our comfortable Orthodontic Practice or book a Virtual Consultation to talk about your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Simply complete one of the forms below and a member of our welcoming team will be in touch.

Book a face to face consultation

Please note that a face-to-face consultation is a chargeable of £100, if you'd like a free consultation, please book a video consultation.

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Book your free video consultation

Find out if you need orthodontic treatment - our orthodontist will analyse your photos and create a personalised report for you that we will discuss on your video consultation. Please note this service is for private treatment only and a fully refundable holding fee of £25 is applicable.

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How it works Free virtual consultation

Upload Your Smile

Please fill in our simple form and upload your photos. (See our patient's information section for a step by step process to complete this).

Intelligent Analysis

Good photos capture your smile and bite. Your photos are then analysed by AI and is then verified or modified by our specialist orthodontists.

Bespoke Smile Report

You will be emailed a comprehensive report of your dental and orthodontic problems and bespoke treatment options.

Video Consultation

We can now book in your video consultation for a convenient time that suits you. We will email you a link to use for the confirmed time for the video consultation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email our Treatment Coordinator Team who will be happy to assist.

How it works Free video consultation

Who will you meet online?

You will meet our Treatment Coordinators, who will talk you through your orthodontic treatment options. Additionally, they will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the treatment process, approximate cost, and payment plans.

Your Smile Goals

We want to ensure you finish with the straight teeth you've always wanted. In order to tailor your orthodontic treatment to your desired smile goals, we’ll ask you what you’re looking to achieve from specialist treatment with Bright Orthodontics.

What will happen?

  • We will explain how each orthodontic treatment works.
  • We will provide information on our payment plans.
  • We will ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.
  • We will book you in to meet our Specialist for a comprehensive assessment to start your journey to achieving a beautiful smile.
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