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The tried and trusted method of teeth straightening.

Our experienced specialist orthodontic team are on-hand to guide you through your treatment journey to reliably straighter teeth.

Metal fixed braces (commonly known as “train tracks”) are the most common orthodontic appliances fitted by Orthodontists in the UK. Our orthodontist chooses bespoke prescription brackets that are just right for your smile. These braces involve small metal squares (brackets) that are bonded to the surface of your teeth. The brackets will stay on your teeth throughout your treatment and guide the precise movement of your teeth – creating your dream smile with accuracy.

The braces are connected to each other by a thin wire (archwire) which guides the teeth to straighten with the help of gentle pressure. Small elastic bands (modules) hold the wire in position to each bracket to keep the archwire in place.

You can customise your braces with a wide selection of vibrant coloured elastic bands and these are changed at every adjustment appointment. During your time under our care, you will visit us every 6-10 weeks. During these visits our specialists will carry out planned mechanics towards the final finish and this will include changing wire, springs, elastics etc.

Benefits of Metal (Fixed) Braces

Fixed braces are a highly effective treatment option.
These traditional braces not only straighten teeth but can address a plethora of orthodontic issues ranging from simple to complex treatments such as:

  • Significant overcrowding
  • Severe overjets
  • Deep overbites
  • Correcting teeth that are stuck (impacted)
  • Creating space for patients missing teeth and for preparation of jaw surgery

Not to mention changing “your look” every 6-10 weeks is always fun!

Treatment Times

Based on the complexity of the tooth movement required, treatment times differ for every individual. Generally, treatment takes between 6 and 36 months. Depending on your individualised treatment plan, your orthodontist will advise you about how long you should expect to wear braces.

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