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For patients qualified for treatment and ready to start

Congratulations on starting your brace treatment journey with us!

Getting Started

If you haven’t already had photographs, radiographs (x-rays) , intra oral scans or moulds taken we’ll do this before you move forward with your treatment plan and consent appointment.

Planning & Consent

It’s important to us that you understand what your treatment will involve and that you’re happy to move forward, so we take you through all aspects of your treatment and gain your permission before we start.

During the “treatment plan and consent” appointment, we will discuss and explain the following:

  • Recommended treatment options.
  • Alternative treatment options.
  • The type of appliances (braces) you may require.
  • Any extractions needed.
  • The approximate duration of treatment for each option.
  • What commitment is required from you.
  • Frequency of attendance during treatment.
  • Retention regime (keeping your teeth straight in the long-term).
  • Discharge from treatment.

We will also advise you on any dental treatments (scaling, fillings, extractions etc.) that you may need to have with your dentist prior to starting orthodontic treatment and any treatments you may require following treatment like fillings, bridges, implants.

We will email you the agreed treatment plan letter with any required treatments from your dentist. We will also securely send a copy to your dentist via the Dental Referral Portal so that they know of any treatments they need to provide before you have your braces fitted. It is your responsibility to contact your general dentist and complete the necessary treatments.

If we need treatments from your dentist, then remember to contact us to book your brace fit appointment after completing treatments with your general dentist.

If no dental treatments are required before the start, we will book you in for fitting braces.

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